Woodworking is enGrained in us

Devin and Lois Bethune operate enGrained, an artisan woodworking shop out of Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in end-grain cutting boards.


Devin Bethune

I grew up in northeastern Nebraska learning hands-on skills from Dad. We dug dirt, poured cement, built homes and all around taught me what hard work was all about. High school was followed by four years in the Army, and then I studied biology and chemistry in college. Six years later, I figured out sitting at a desk wasn’t my calling, and now I am enjoying the daily process of handcrafting beautiful wood products. I love it! My passion is end-grain cutting boards and cooking. But oh my, these serving boards are gorgeous too. 


Lois Bethune

Though I’m not a woodworker by nature, I enjoy the creative process behind putting together beautiful products—because I love taking pictures of pretty things! Translation: I take a lot of pictures. My day job is at a magazine, but evenings and weekends are spent snapping shots in the shop or working on the details for our next event. I run a sander for finishing work from time to time, but, like clockwork, I tend to show up right before the boards take a dip in the oil (my favorite part!). That’s when we really get to see all the hidden beauty of the wood and the variations that make each piece unique.


In the end, we all have to find something in life that makes us happy. We’ve found that handcrafting high-quality wooden cutting boards is knocking down that door to happiness we haven’t been able to open yet. We come from different professional backgrounds but merge together to bask in the pride we feel when our customers testify how much they love our artisan products. Specializing in function over frivolity, we know what makes a great kitchen cutting board. We use rubber feet on most of our end-grain boards, and various sizes ensure we can accommodate any kitchen. The end-grain board is the best surface for knife edge longevity, and our attention to board care ensures our end-grain boards can last for generations! That said, a unique pattern expressing you in your kitchen has never hurt a thing, so find the board that expresses you. Shop around...find what’s in you.