Sure, a tree may have been cut down…

...but your new cutting board is still alive! The plant cells that make up this beautiful product still swell and shrink as the environment around it changes.

A well-maintained cutting board is one that will last for generations! All you have to do is periodically condition it with an oil or wax to keep those plant cells firm and leave no room for water. When water can get in, your board can dry out, resulting in cracking and warping, so a board conditioner is a must to keep your new board in top shape.

Our conditioner is our own proprietary blend of yellow beeswax and white mineral oil. Use it to keep your new cutting board healthy for many years to come. Get yours here.

To clean your board, hand-wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and pat dry. Apply some conditioner, work it into your board and let it absorb briefly before wiping off the excess. Then, store or display it beautifully until your next meal.